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ILOVEACEITE US | Spanish olive oil company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. We works with distributors, wholesalers, retailers and food-service companies throughout the United States to deliver olive oil products produced in Spain | Family owned

Order your olive oil in our shop online. FREE delivery in San Antonio. Call us (210) 815 3232 | We deliver throughout Austin. Call us (323) 244 7840 | Orders and deliver in Houston and Dallas call us (210) 988 4411. Contact us infousa(at)

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Find out our famous extra virgin olve oil white label with PDO. This oil comes from olives selected and milled in early November which gives it charm and expectation of taste

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Enjoy our extra virgin olive oil red label. Ideal for daily use. It is an extra virgin with a great body, a yellowish green and a medium intensity in bitterness and sharpness..

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Are you a restaurant owner? Would you like to sample our extra virgin olive oil. If so, call us (210) 815 3232. We deliver directly throughout San Antonio, Austin and Houston

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ILOVEACEITE announces the next #secretdinners edition:  March, 22. Tickets on sale!

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New edition of our #secretdinners

ILOVEACEITE announce the next #secretdinner: February, 8. Tickets on sale!

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ILOVEACEITE sponsor of the 7th Annual Be My Valentine 5K Run/Walk

ILOVEACEITE US is pleased to announce another sponsoring action in San Antonio.

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