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Knowing Olive Oils Commercial Categories

Olive Oils Commercial Categories | iloveaceite | buy olive oil from Spain

For your consumer health and safety information, here are the commercial classifications of oil under European Union regulations (EC Regulation 1019/2002). There are only four commercial categories of olive oils:

Extra virgin olive oil

This high quality oil is obtained directly from olives that are in good condition, solely by mechanical means, with impeccable taste and odor. The olive is free from defects that do not exceed the degree of acidity of 0.8 °. The grading, given by a trained tasting panel must be equal to or greater than 6.5 points. It is 100 percent pure juice from the highest quality olives. A board of expert tasters guarantees its excellence.

Virgin olive oil

This oil has the same quality standards as extra virgin olive oil with respect to its production. It differs in that it cannot exceed 2 ° acidity, and the score obtained by a trained tasting panel must be equal to or greater than 5.5 points. In other words, the defects should be virtually imperceptible to the consumer.

Olive oil

A blend of olive oil, which is obtained from refining defective oils that have not reached the quality standards described above for virgin or extra virgin olive oil ( typically between 10% and 20%.) . Observe the word "virgin." has been lost. This is due to the preparation of this refined oil using alternative chemical processes and / or thermal cleansing of fragrances, flavors and colours. The degree of acidity of the olive oil cannot exceed 1.5 °. This refined oil, tasteless and odorless, and mixed with virgin, or rarely, extra virgin (10% - 20%), is marketed -with adjectives such as 'soft', 'intense', 'light', etc..

Pomace olive oil

This type of oil is the product of refining by chemical means pomace/marc (orujo or morcas), from the milling of olives. The vegetable fat obtained is mixed with a proportion of virgin olive oil, and final grading obtained, oleic acid, not exceed 1.5 °.

Lampante Olive oil

Another non-commercial type is the lampante virgin olive oil. This Virgin oil is defective and therefore cannot be consumed directly like the other virgins. Its name comes from its utility in the past as a fuel for lamps or candles. Today this oil used for refining, is not marketable due to its lack of flavor and colour. Nonetheless mixed with virgin or extra virgin (10% - 20%), it becomes marketable, labelled 'olive oil', as already discussed above.

It is derived with both the virgin and extra virgin, but only with respect to the olives, albeit, they are low in quality, due mostly to the olives from the ground, frost bites, etc.. but always from olives. After a thermal, physical and chemical refinery and mixing with virgin, it becomes marketable; so, this oil type is not considered an authentic olive juice as it has undergone various processes other than those within the mill.

Hence, insist on the olive juice from virgin and extra virgin olive oils.

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