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Guava Marmalade

This marmalade has all the unique flavor and aroma that distinguishes the authentic guavas from Calvillo, Aguascalientes. Enjoy it daily on toast or combine it with other gourmet products to enhance the flavor experience. When you have our guava marmalade in your house, you have a piece of our family’s history.

Hibiscus Marmalade

Our hibiscus marmalade recipe has been improved and perfected. We manually clean the flower, then carefully process it so that you can enjoy the texture of this delicious flower. It is the balance of sweetness and acidity combined with the texture of the petals that result in a unique experience. Try it and discover your favorite pairings.

Quince Jam

It is a European tradition we are fortunate to observe with the harvest in different regions of Mexico during the months of July and August that give us the perfect ingredient for a world-class jam. Try our delicious recipe and discover the perfect merging of Mexican and European flavors.

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