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Extra virgin olive oil: why is it the best choice?

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1. Obtained only by mechanic procedures, without further chemical processes, it is 100 percent pure juice from the highest quality olives. A board of expert tasters guarantees its excellence. 

2. It has a wide culinary use: extra virgin olive oil is not only ideal for dressings, marinades or sautés, but also makes fried food healthier. It goes well with meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, ice-cream. definitely enriching their flavour. 

3. Owing to its highly beneficial qualities, it should be included in your regular diet, throughout your lifetime. 

4. Besides, extra virgin olive oil is rich in oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid, flavonoids and squalene -therefore contributing to prevent cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis or cancer while also counter-acting the effects of aging and oxidative stress. 

5. It is highly recommended as part of a healthy diet for young people, insofar as it helps prevent asthma symptoms and also fosters bone growth. Additionally, extra virgin olive oil is perfect for people who exercise or workout regularly, since it promotes the regeneration of muscle cells. 

6. It can improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil can also help patients suffering from diabetes to have a proper insulin metabolism. 

7. Extra virgin olive oil is also indicated for external use, meeting a wide range of uses in natural cosmetics -as a cleanser, moisturizer, relaxing balm or make-up remover. 

8. It is highly recommended for people who are on a diet -due to the substitution of polyunsaturated for monounsaturated fats. This is one of the reasons why extra virgin olive oil is often described as "the corner stone of the Mediterranean diet", declared Immaterial Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. 

9. It definitely has a positive impact on farmers, who grow and care for olive trees, while also enabling economic and social progress in the areas where extra virgin olive oil is produced. 

10. It is important to note that "extra virgin olive oil" is not the same as "olive oil": indeed, both are obtained from olives, but the latter product undergoes a subsequent process of deodorization, mixture and chemical refinement which deprives it from the beneficial effects which extra virgin olive oil indeed has, due to its distinctive mode of production. 

Always consume virgin or extra virgin olive oil. Make sure what variety and origin are you eating. Flee from generic references. Remember that the trade name 'olive oil' implies a mixture of refined virgin oils, or strangely, extra virgin.

For your health, avoid fraud.

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