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ILOVEACEITE US | Spanish Olive Oil, Wine and Food company San Antonio Paella Catering Service.

Discover olive oils quality criteria

how to taste olive oil by iloveaceite

At this time we offer the possibility to enjoy our olive oil tasting session in a fun, fast, useful format, allowing you to know the basic notions needed to differentiate olive oils in currently offered in the market.

You will learn how the olive oils produced, their juices, their commercial categories, positive and negative attributes, their organoleptic notes; all in 60 minutes. In addition, you will taste them.

OLIVE OILS TASTING SESSION: Discovering the olive oils world.

Soon in San Antonio / Texas / Limited Seats

olive oils tasting sessions, how to taste olive oil, iloveaceite

We have a great space, in San Antonio (Texas), designed for this purpose, where (up to 12-15 people) we share with our guests these exciting sixty minutes.

We'll show you how to choose, identify and taste the best of our "Mediterranean diet": the extra virgin olive oil. We also organize in Spanish and English. Seats limited.

If you want to organize one of our 'olive oil tasting’, specially for a group of friends, colleagues, at your restaurant, at home, in your company ... please write us, phone us, contact us via email, Facebook, Twitter or our contact form.

Olive Oil tasting session by iloveaceite

how to taste olive oil, iloveaceite